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Benefits of IP Fax

Fax over Internet Protocol - FoIP/T.38 faxing

NET SatisFAXtion Supports FoIP
FaxBack™s NET SatisFAXtion product line supports real-time fax communications over IP, or also referred to as T.38 protocol. NET SatisFAXtion supports fax over IP in conjunction with IP-based telephony infrastructures that may already be in place.

Many communications routers and telephony systems today have been incorporating IP for several years now. IP-based telephony systems have gained a strong foothold in the mainstream market. In fact, Gartner Group estimates that by the end of 2007, telephony-system manufacturers will cease development entirely of traditional or non-IP based systems.

NET SatisFAXtion IP Boardless Fax Server
NET SatisFAXtion can be implemented with AudioCodes VoIP Gateways, an IP-enabled Cisco router or in a legacy PBX environment with dedicated fax hardware. Unlike most fax server vendors who claim to support T.38 fax in VoIP environments, FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion fax solutions don't require the purchase of expensive fax hardware.

Whether you have a traditional, "hybrid" or an all IP-based telephony environment, FaxBack offers a total end-to-end fax solution to meet the needs of all types of implementations. With nearly 25 years of fax industry experience and as one of the very first fax technology companies with IP experience, customers can be confident that they have the strongest ally in successfully deploying a powerful, secure and reliable solution.