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Business and Application Integration. Microsoft Office Fax Integration

You shouldn't need to know how to work a telephone switch to make a phone call, or how to use the Hoover Dam to take a shower, or how to work a nuclear-power plant to turn on the lights.
-- Scott McNealy

Today, 95% of all US businesses use computers. On the software side, Microsoft™s Office applications packages are an undisputed force with 400 million users in 175 countries, making up more than 90% market share with sales of about $10 billion annually.

In the corporate world, Microsoft Office users are a diverse group; many perform specialized tasks like writing contracts, press releases or legal agreements in Word; creating sales reports, financial summaries or tracking inventory levels in Excel; composing PowerPoint presentations for training or show demonstrations.

Regardless of the job or project at hand, users need to perform messaging functions directly from the applications they are working in. Requiring users to walk to a fax machine or even open a separate fax program (outside of the application they are working in) can be time-consuming tasks.

Solution - NET SatisFAXtion Small Business or Enterprise
While users have various levels of application expertise, the majority know how to print from whatever application they're using.

Whether they're creating invoices, forms, purchase orders, requisition requests, product datasheets, reports, spreadsheets, letters, press releases or presentations they are still printing.

These documents are the foundation of business transactions.